Call for Papers

Ongoing CFP–updated September 2016
Merwin Studies seeks submissions for articles on W. S. Merwin’s poetry, fables, essays, and/or life’s work planting. We are interested in pieces that explore his most current ventures, such as The Moon Before Morning (2014) and Garden Time (2016), but we are also interested in pieces that delve into his earlier work. With nearly seven decades of writing, there is much poetic energy to engage, explore, unleash, and compost. This is a place to get that real work done.

As we haven’t had an issue since 2013, some may wonder if we are still active. We are, but we are dormant only because we need submissions. We have circulated word through ASLE as well as the Merwin Conservancy, but still need submissions. If you have an idea for publication, we look forward to hearing from you.

We are also interested in reviews of recent works by Merwin as well as reviews of secondary sources that explore Merwin’s craft.

We accept submissions year round (merwinstudies [at] gmail [dot] com). For more information, see our Submissions Page.