Volume 1, 2013



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Aaron M. Moe | “‘the whole way / they have been there’: An Introduction”  |  pdf

Ed Folsom | “The Quality of the Air: Merwin’s Ongoing Ecological Song”  |  pdf

Russell Brickey | “Time and the Animals of Sirius”  |  pdf

M. P. Jones IV | “Silence and the Lyric-Epic: Merwin’s Hybrid Ecopoetics in The Shadow of Sirius”  pdf

Kate Dunning | “From Environmental Poetry to Ecopoetry: W. S. Merwin’s Poetic Forest” |  pdf  |  Audio File of Dunning Reading her Article; to download, right click, “save link as” . . . .


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Merwin Studies is an annual journal dedicated to exploring all aspects of Merwin’s ecologically minded poetry and poetics. We exist to circulate discussions of Merwin’s work through wide audiences. The online, open-access nature of Merwin Studies ensures that scholars and interested readers alike can readily participate in the ongoing reading of Merwin’s work. To be viable, we must be 100% Fair Use, and for this reason, full poems do not appear in text on our publications. We encourage our readership to keep Merwin’s books open while perusing the essays.

Following the precedent set by The Poetry Foundation’s Record a Poem” project, we include audio files of our authors reading some poems in full—poems crucial to the author’s argument. We see the inclusion of audio files to be within Fair Use. We encourage readers who want the full text of a poem to either purchase the book or borrow the book from a colleague, friend, or local library.

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